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The Mission

I'm Dave Stone. This is my site. You may call me Mr Stone.

I'm a writer, working mainly in the field of Licensed Character Exploitation. Comics, novels, audio productions, these are just a few of the formats of which I'm aware. My accomplishment in any of them is erratic.

You can find a bunch of stuff, including stories, reproduced scripts, audio clips and all kinds of whatnot, on the CV Page. Knock yourself out.

New Books Shocker! Cavalcades of Otters!

Well, sort of. I finally got around to producing eBooks of some titles that might be familiar. I took advantage, tho, of fifteen years of general improvement to revamp em as a standalone Trilogy, starring space-adventurer and all round trouble-magnet, Pandora Delbane.

You can always pretend they still star Benny, if you really want.

Click on the cover-images to buy em at Amazon US for for some weird American sum that was supposed to be $1.49 but somehow isn't.

Or click on Ship of Fools, The Mary-Sue Extrusion and/or Fractured Planet to buy em at Amazon UK for 99p in proper money.

Other Stuff

In comics, I'm probably best known for my work on Armitage for the Judge Dredd Megazine. And I'm still doing it, nominally, if I can only come up with a decent idea. They tend to the condition of Murder Mysteries - at least in my own head they do.

Here's a sample of the comparatively recent scripts for anyone who wants to have a look. CAUTION: ANY MYSTERY, SUCH AS IT IS, WILL BE COMPLETELY SPOILT FROM THE START.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5