Tasty Yum Yum Recipes 3: Chicken Paprika Surprise Hotpot

Chicken Paprika Surprise Hotpot

You have probably gotten by now that I really, really like paprika. DO YOU GET THAT?

(This works just as well, or even better, with any old bits of cooked chicken you happen to have around, but for the sake of it we'll assume you just bought a pack of raw chicken breasts.)

Start some garlic in a frying pan with olive oil till it's crunchy. Heave in a bunch of sliced chicken breasts and brown. Just before it's done, chuck in some sliced chorizo sausage and give that a bit of a cook. Sprinkle with paprika and decant the whole mess into a casserole dish.

Add a splash of sesame oil to the pan, chuck in some more garlic. Then add, sliced and in order of stir-cooking for a bit, onions, shallots, closed-cup mushrooms, carrots and celery. While you're doing that hone your multitasking skills by sprinkling a very small bunch of basmati/wild rice mix - we're only adding a bit of extra texture - over the chicken in the casserole dish and heaving in a cup or so of chicken stock.

(Entirely optional, but Waitrose do these really nice tins of Bouillabaisse soup for like £1.69 a pop. I like to add one of those, personally, instead of or additional to the chicken stock - but you do what you like, baby. I'm not the boss of you.)

Back to the pan. Drizzle and stir in dashes of Worcester Sauce, Mushroom Ketchup, more paprika and a sprinkle of chives, black pepper. Decant into the casserole, give it all a good stir, add a splash of beer and stick in the oven at something like 180 degrees. Or 160 if you have a fan. I would love to have a fan. I would pet him and squeeze him and call him Fanboy George till he don't move no more.

Then go off and have a quick Sherman in celebration of your singular brilliance, and/or whatever else floats your boat or rocks your socks until the cooking's nearly done.

Now comes the surprise. Boo. I do apologise. I'm so ashamed.

You should have kept the frying pan, with all the lovely, gooey detritus of the activities above. The cooking bits of the above, not the quick Sherman, you horrific pervert. Heave into this some scallops - the ones without roe - and fry them up, adding a bit of beer/stock/water to create a lovely liquor. Just before the hotpot in the casserole's done, dump in the contents of the pan and stir them through, then cook it all for a little bit more.

Whack on plates, stuff into your face with crusty sourdough and Normandy butter. That is all.
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