Shatterland Issue One Script

Years and years ago - back in the days when I had far more energy and enthusiasm than acumen - I wrote an entire six-part American-format comic-book miniseries, weighing in at whatever six times twenty-four pages is, entirely on spec. I did it for the reason anyone does anything when they're young: for the fun of it.

I was gonna at least try it on Vertigo, or one of the black-and-white Independents … but then my activity shifted to the novels and I forgot. It now resides, inaccessibly, on a corrupted Amstrad disk and/or in the chaos of my hard-copy archive.

At some point, though, I typed the first issue in again, from a printout, and it's been sitting on various iterations of the hard-drive ever since. And, since it's there, I might as well put it up, so anyone interested can have a look.

Twenty-four-page-long scripts being a bit unwieldy for a Blog, click on this handy link:


(Of course, if anyone's ever interested enough to actually do anything with it - for the fun of it or not - I'm all ears.)

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